300px Femme Fatale Vancouver 3 Britney Spears Turning 30 Years Old and Still Under Conservatorship

Britney Spears is turning 30 years old in a few days on Dec. 2, and she is still under a childish conservatorship.


Britney has been under a strict conservatorship ever since she ‘went nuts’ in the public eye. It went from the head shaving, to almost dropping her son when he was a baby, to driving in a convertible with her son in baby car seat- in the front passenger seat.

Her Dad Jamie Spears has controlled her income, assets and kids ever since the court decided she needed a responsible parent figure to oversee everything she does. Jamie controls a large portion of Britney, as well as her boyfriend Jason Trawick who was an agent at William Morris Agency, and is now running his own agency with a few big time partners.

While Trawick manages her love life and directs her career, she even has a labeled manager who is Larry Rudolph, he has also controlled Britney for a few years. Britney has 3 men managing her life. Is this necessary? Or does someone this busy and famous need all the help they can get?

Rumor has it, that her boyfriend Jason is going to propose to her to be engaged, but the two cannot marry when Britney is under a conservatorship- unless a judge signs off for it.

With still no end in sight with this conservatorship, and Britney turning 30, can Britney control and maintain her own life without help? Do you think she can do it now?