Us ladies are sort of required to watch the annual Victoria’s Secret Runway Fashion Show because we love everything Victoria’s Secret. We have to see the new lingerie, and of course, see the models.

I just finished watching the show, and the main thought that I am left with is: EAT!


Almost every single one of the models looked underweight and hungry. There was one particular blonde model who I am not familiar with, and I noticed that she was obviously starving like a zombie.

I am into fitness and staying in shape, but these girls aren’t eating enough. Adriana Lima, the dark hair and blue eyed model, revealed her scarce eating ritual that she does before the shows. It was so disturbing that she had to do another public statement saying she did eat whole foods and even had the cameras show a piece of cake sitting in her dressing room. READ THAT STORY AND LEARN ABOUT HER DIET HERE

The girls looked gorgeous, but just a little too hungry. Curves are in now! Read that memo and take it into heavy consideration.