Rihanna’s Reason for Cancelling Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Performance Leaves Fans Feeling A Bit ‘Anti’

(Story By Betty Throttles @BettyThrottles)
We love the bombshell bra from Victoria’s Secret but hate the bomb pop sensation Rihanna dropped on us fans when she canceled her performance at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. According to Gregory Hicks from MTV.com, there’s a great reason behind the decision.
So what was it? Can you guess?


No, the reason wasn’t some valiant philanthropic effort. It wasn’t due to illness or even a family emergency. Wouldn’t we all like to call out of work to do something that sounds more appealing than deal with a boss that expects us to come in on a Saturday? Continue reading

Daniel Tosh Gets Sexed Up To Recreate Selena Gomez’s “Good For You” (VIDEO)

Comedian Daniel Tosh showed off his feminine and sultry side in a funny new music video, recreating the Selena Gomez music video, “Good For You”.

Most of us know the funnyman from his hilariously offensive Comedy Central show Tosh.0, his stand-up comedy, and for voicing the adult cartoon “Brickleberry”.

Tosh.0's Daniel Tosh gets prettied up for Good For You video parody

The 40-year-old comedian pulled out all the stops and recreated the video frame-by-frame, but also added a special guest.

Daniel wore the same outfits as Selena, which included a colorful robe and a wet t-shirt.

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Demi Lovato Cool For The Summer Lyrics

Demi Lovato has a huge hit of her hands with “Cool For The Summer,” but what many are now asking is, what the hell is the song about?

Don’t get us wrong, we love the song too, but after hearing it about a million times over the past week, we started wondering ourselves, what is the former Disney star trying to get at here? “Got a taste for the cherry, I just need to take a bite, don’t tell your mother,” um okay, were starting to feel a bit uncomfortable..

cool for the summer demi lovato

Check out all the lyrics below.

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#MeekBeLike The FUNNIEST Twitter Responses To Meek Mill Drake Rant

#MeekBeLike is trending heavily on Twitter right now and it’s all of Meek Mill‘s own doing..

Here’s some of the most hilarious Twitter responses we could find. Enjoy!

#MeekBeLike memes 3 8

Last night, Meek Mill hopped on Twitter and sent some shots at Nicki Minaj’s ex-thing, Safaree Samuels. Somehow, his Twitter rant turned toward Drake, who appeared on the track “R.I.C.O.” off Meek’s recent album, Dreams Worth More Than Money. Continue reading

UNEARTHED: A 1990s Dancing Jason Statham Will Make You Laugh

Talk about cheesy! Jason Statham appearing in “Comin’ On,” a 1990s music video by The Shamen.

The unearthed Scottish psychedelic electronic dance music video features a fit Statham dancing in a leopard-print number while well oiled up.

Jason Statham shamen video 4

The crazy music video was one of the action star’s first professional gigs.

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Brutal Justin Bieber Roast Savages Selena Gomez

Justin Bieber‘s Comedy Central Roast was supposed to be a no jokes off-limits effort to rake the singer over the coals, but in the process, the one who ended-up getting cooked was Selena Gomez.

Comedian Jeff Ross joked:

Selena Gomez Mustache 4

“Selena Gomez wanted to be here, but she’s dating men now,”  “Is it true you dumped her because she grew a moustache before you?” Continue reading

Who Is Maddie Ziegler? And Why Is This Young Dancer SO Controversial?

Maddie Ziegler just appeared in Sia‘s “Elastic Heart,” video and so far, no one can take their eyes off of it.

The extremely flexible Ziegler, 12, who also stars in reality show Dance Moms‘, performs an interpretive dance with actor Shia LaBeouf.

Maddie Ziegler shia labeouf

Ziegler wears the same flesh-color leotard and blonde wig as she did in Sia’s last video, “Chandelier.”

How did you and Sia get hooked up for a second video?

We’ve always stayed in touch ever since the first Sia video because we became really close and we have such a nice bond. Sia just said, Continue reading

Duggar Family Members Star In Music Video

Did the Duggar boys start a Christian cover band? Or is this just what you do when you have a ton of brothers, a lot of money and no talent?

The Duggar boys along with the neighboring Bates brood, released an interesting music video lip-syncing to the song “Happiness.” Other Duggars and Bates kids can be seen in the background fake-playing instruments.

The Duggar Family Releases a Music Video 4

Sure it’s pointless, but we got to admit, it’s also damn cute!

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Who Is Catherine Ferreira? And Why Did She Receive A BEATDOWN?

Catherine Ferreira, 27, is the woman seen getting hammered by McDonalds employee, Latia Harris, in a disturbing Youtube video.

At the beginning of the clip, people are running to the scene, but nobody tried to stop the assault. It is only Ferreira’s young son, who attempts kicks the attacker while pleading with her to stop.

Catherine Ferreira 5

Everyone else in the relatively large crowd simply watches Harris punch Ferreira about 20 times – all while they film it on their cell phones. Continue reading