Remember way back when the government was investigating actors and musicians because they thought they were “Commies?” Well the era of this type of closed door investigations and harassment has reared its ugly head again.

This time the target was Mark Ruffalo. After promoting “GasLand,” a documentary about natural gas drilling and how it affects our water supply, Ruffalo was added to a terror watch list.


Ruffalo’s response to being placed on a list usually reserved for suspected terrorists was “It’s pretty f**king funny,” however, funny may not the operative word to describe being placed on this type of damming list. The implications could be extremely damaging to his career especially since government agencies and film giants are working in lockstep to shut down websites that contain copyright infringements, in other words, if Ruffalo is in hot water for voicing his concern there is a good chance honchos in the entertainment industry would not voice their opinions in defense of him which could lead to Ruffalo being added to another kind of list, a modern day blacklist.