Robert Downey Jr Walks Out Of Interview After Being Asked About His Past

Check out this Channel 4 News interview with a totally ticked-off Robert Downey Jr! Things went downhill fast after the reporter, Krishnan Guru-Murthy went to the dark side dark for his line of questioning concerning Iron Man‘s real-life past.

Guru-Murthy asked Downey about his relationship with his father and his past troubles with drugs.. Downey was none too amused and after some sharp comments from the actor and a directive from his on-set PR person, he hopped up and promptly left the room, never to return..

Robert Downey Jr Walks Out Of Interview

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Bullied Schoolgirl Escorted To The Dance By THIS GROUP Of GUYS

Kate was endlessly being bullied by her schoolmates for being ‘taller’ than other kids her age, and that prompted her to tell her mom that she wanted to pass on going to her holiday formal, but mom had a better idea, she contacted the 501st Southern Cross Garrison.

So who exactly is the 501st Southern Cross Garrison? They’re a group of badass, do gooders who go around performing dressed as stormtroopers.

501st Southern Cross Garrison kate 1

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Amanda Bynes Rejected After Tweet To DRAKE

I think Amanda Bynes is a disgusting pig, which is one of the main reason we all LOVE to talk about her! She also had me thrown out of a party once, but let’s never mind that! So here is Bynes making an awful stab at a pass at rapper Drake by posting this crude Twitter message,

What the hell do you expect me to say after that? Speechless is right! And BTW, NO, Drake did NOT respond… Not yet anyway.

Jeremy Renner: Pills, Booze and More On a Plane

Actor Jeremy Renner, who will be playing the new ‘Jason Bourne’, tells Jimmy Kimmel one of his ‘things’ that he likes to do when he gets on a plane.

Renner, who used to come in and sing karaoke when I hosted it in Hollywood, is really THIS way- it’s not a facade…

In the interview, Renner casually expresses his violent tendencies towards people, and event admits he mixes pills and booze at once. Renner even talks about the days of working in construction to make ends meet before he was a high paid star. Renner says he hates working for other people, and will ONLY work for himself now.

Check this part 1 video of him as a guest on Jimmy Kimmel. He starts talking about the pills and booze at 2:10, plus the accidental ‘Viagra’ pill he once took on a plane with the late Dennis Hopper beside him.

Jeremy Renner Moves In On Avengers Co-Star Scarlett Johansson as She Gets Hollywood Star

Scarlett Johansson, 27, received a star with her name, on the ‘Hollywood Walk of Fame’ today in Hollywood, CA.

Avengers co-star Jeremy Renner was right there for Johansson, as he gave a little speech, gave her a nice hug, and then took some pictures with her
Could this be more than ‘just business’ with these two? Looks like they are not only close, but comfortable too.

The opportunist got to make history with Johansson, he will be forever encapsulated in pictures with her accepting her star.


Drew Barrymore Engaged to Her Art Consultant

For heaven’s sake Drew, is another marriage really going to work this time?!

300px Drew Barrymore headshot by David Shankbone Drew Barrymore Engaged to Her Art Consultant

Drew Barrymore is engaged, and it’s not to Justin Long!

US Weekly says that her boyfriend who is her “art consultant” Will Kopelman, proposed to her in Sun Valley, Idaho, during their holiday vacation.

Drew’s first husband was Jeremy Thomas who she married in 1994, which lasted for one month. After that, her second husband was Tom Green, who she wed at a Vegas wedding drive-thru in 2001- which lasted 5 months.

Robin Gibb: I believe because of you I will get well…

Screen shot 2011 11 23 at 6.49.49 AM Robin Gibb: I believe because of you I will get well...

I wish to thank my family, friends and fans and the many thousands of people who do not know me but have enjoyed Bee Gees music and have wished me well. I am very touched by your love, kindness and support.

This concern from people all over the world has demonstrated the depth of feeling and love that the Bee Gees have achieved over the years. It is humbling and I take your prayers and good wishes for my health very seriously.

I have been very unwell and am now on the road to recovery, and your prayers and wishes are a great tonic to me. I believe because of you I will get well and my deepest love goes out to you all. Robin xxxx