LOS ANGELES – It’s like something out of a Hollywood thriller, however, this thriller is anything but fiction.
Death threats continue to plague several top talent agents, a renowned female publicist shot dead while driving home from a premiere, white powder sent in threatening letters to ABC and CBS studios and all this in just one week’s time.

The FBI suddenly has its hands full investigating as Hollywood remains on a high terror alert. Many in the entertainment business are hunkering down for what seems to be ongoing terror attacks on many of its own. “We are scared out of our wits,” said one Hollywood insider, “a lot of us are afraid to even leave the house, no one saw this coming.”


And what is coming for Hollywood? With many red carpet premieres and award shows just around the corner, you would think it would be happy time for Hollywood’s elite but nothing could be farther from the truth, “Everyone in hollywood is looking over their shoulder,” our insider said, “I hear a car backfire and I hit the deck, it’s strange and surreal.”

Many in Hollywood are in a panic, trying to frantically increase security, both personal and workplace. Installing extra locks, security cameras and tinting car windows are just some of the forced weekend plans for celebrities and behind the scene folks alike.

Many red carpet event companies are planning to move it all inside for a while, “No one wants to be standing around on a red carpet steps from the street,” conceded our insider, “everyone is still in shock, so to take the edge off, many red carpet events will be held indoors for the foreseeable future.”