I need a drink...
South Africa’s ancient wine country is plagued by fermented grape eating baboons.

There is not much vineyard owners can do about it. The baboons swarm the grape rich land and feast on fallen, fermented grapes, many becoming so drunk, they can’t find their way home.


The beasts are indigenous to the area, however, it’s man and his lust for progress that has brought them closer to humans and their prized vino bounty. Building on the baboons land has forced the thirsty wine crazed monkeys in the area and as a result they have adopted their daily happy-hour habit.

It’s not only the vineyards that the baboons are raiding, it’s also homes. One family was traumatized after a gang of the sloshed monkeys broke in to their home and ransacked the kitchen looking for snacks.

20 “baboon monitors” have been employed to try and wrangle the baboons, however, their efforts do little to detour the problem. As a consequence, many families who have been in the same area for generations are simple giving up and moving away.