Sinkhole Gobbling Up Entire Fast Food Restaurant

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It’s one thing when a sinkhole swallows up a Cadillac but when the hungry holes start gorging on fast food, you know it’s time to suggest a diet plan.

This sinkhole in Cleveland, Ga. must be extra hungry for its fast food fix because it is literally on the verge of gobbling up the entire restaurant!

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  • Tommy Satchwood

    ….please God, don’t take Taco Bell next….

  • rachael

    You would think that they would expect this at some point in the future.

  • clevelandGAnative

    Nope its no storm drain thats Mossy Creek. Years ago Mossy Creek ran through that area and business wanted to build where the river was so they Piped the river. Mossy creek has been flowing under those businesses through underground pipes for years.

  • Scott

    This isn’t a “sinkhole”, it’s a storm drain that collapsed from torrential rain. None the less, Cleveland Ga. is a small town and the Sonic parking lot washing away is no doubt “big news”

  • stillnakedbullwinkle

    The one time I flush the urinal at a fast food restaurant and this happens. Like I will ever do that again? ewwwwwwwwwwwwww :D

  • ricardo

    Oh my god a sign from heaven lol