Kevin Bacon was on Craig Ferguson last night promoting his new HBO movie “Taking Chance”, and also, chit-chatting about loads of funny topics. One topic was about Kevin Bacon being on a ‘men who look like old lesbians’ website.

Kevin admitted to signing up to ‘Google Alerts’ so he could receive updates about himself. Kevin admitted that he even ‘Googles’ himself to see what kind of interesting results come up. Kevin said that one day when he was googling himself, he stumbled upon a website that has his photo featured as an ‘men who look like old lesbians’.


Hilarious! Kevin Bacon was so cool about the funny subject. Kevin seems to get a kick out of how media portrays him on the net.

Kevin, if you’re reading: I went to the site to see your picture, then laughed myself to bed!!! You are hot.

Oh, and Kevin doesn’t mind that there is a “Footloose” movie remake in the works.