Man, divorce has never been so good!  America’s favorite father, Jon Gosselin, is moving forward with his new reality show titled Divorced Dads Club.  With him in the development process is father of the year candidateMichael Lohan and Lindsay Lohan’s manager.  In fact, TMZ has a shot of all the boys celebrating what seems like a development deal.  Cha-chinge!

We have no idea what Divorced Dads Club will be about (probably something regarding fathers who are, I don’t know, divorced) but we do know that Jon might not be a big part of it at first.  You see, he’s under contract with TLC and is prohibited from appearing on other shows.  He might be able to get some sort of producer’s credit but that’s likely it for the time being.  This might mean that Jon is looking to get out of Jon & Kate Plus 8, which has been the rumor for some time.


Divorced Dads Club.  Thank God for reality TV.