New fun summer song “Chillin”, by Wale ft. Lady Gaga, is sounding a bit like an MIA track. This is just my own opinion, but I’ve been following artist MIA since early 2000, and this Wale/Lady Gaga song is very much like MIA’s original one-of-a kind style.

MIA’s chart topping song “Paper Planes” made radio soon after big film “Pineapple Express” was released in theaters. Yes, it has taken MIA almost 10 years to hit mainstream radio! Anyway, if you listen to her latest record, that will show you just how similar the style of “Chillin” is to MIA’s flavor. It’s really more of Lady Gaga that sounds like she’s ripping of MIA’s style. I love you Gaga, but it’s true. Wonder if this song was originally written to ft. MIA?

Here’s the Wale ft. Lady Gaga first. Below this will be MIA’s Paper Planes song. Listen to the similarities if you care: