Kim Kardashian is A Liar

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Kim Kardashian is about as fake as this imposter of her above. The biggest reality famewhore around, Kardashian, is backtracking on her engagement lie after her boyfriend Reggie Bush probably socked her in her jaw (no violence intended) for trying to take him off the single market.

Supposedly Kardashian has a new publicist, and while they were gabbing other lies to tell to Star magazine, to make sure she stays in the news, Star decided to take her engagement lie and run with it. Well now Kim is taking it back and blaming everything on her publicist saying, “my new publicist was talking to Star Magazine earlier today and accidentally referred to Reggie as my fiance. It’s totally my publicist fault!”

Gosh, its almost as if Reggie had a knife to her throat telling her to keep his name out her mouth (again, no violence intended). What a great customer Kim is to blame everything on her publicist. She continued lying about not picking out an engagement ring with her family, although I could’ve sworn there were cameras with her when she DID in fact go ring shopping with her sisters to pick out a ring.  But she says, “the rumors about me picking out my ring recently are also not true!” Yeah that’s because you did it months ago.


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Gosh, Kim Kardashian is a pathetic, talentless liar. She is soo desperate for attention that she’s starting to go back on her own lies.

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