Donald Trump, Just off The Apprentice finally, where he award the top prize to Joan Rivers, despite the fact River’s competitor raised 4 times the amount money that she did.   Now Trump has the fate of Carrie Prejean, Miss California, in his hands.

The Ex Miss USA hopeful, Prejean took odds with people who came out of the closet while having a few skeletons in her own closet, posing nude as a teenager.



Now Trump must decide later today, if all this stir is worth Prejean losing her Miss California crown.

Trump is in a tough spot, a lose-lose sort-of situation as no matter what he chooses to do he is sure to offend many.

It is hard to say if Prejean can really lose in the big picture. The notoriety has been huge for her since she answered a question on gay marriage, asked by gossip god, Perez Hilton, at the Miss USA Pageant.   Prejean has already been offered a million dollars to appear in a porno. Common sense tells us, now that her dreams of becoming Miss USA have been all but dashed, she may want to consider all offers.