Numerous stories have come out about Billy Bob Thornton’s CBC radio/tv appearance. Listeners, writers and even the station said that Billy Bob was acting like Joaquin Phoenix did when he appeared on the David Letterman show. If you aren’t up on this Billy Bob Thornton story, this is what briefly happened on the CBC interview:

Billy Bob and his band “Boxmasters” were interviewed Wednesday for radio and TV on the CBC by host Jian Ghomeshi.


Thornton criticized Ghomeshi for making a casual reference to his acting career, telling Ghomeshi, “You were instructed not to talk about that.”

Ghomeshi replied: “I wasn’t instructed … you guys are here as a band, I wasn’t instructed. … That’s just giving context, right? … I’m happy to interview you guys as a band but the listeners were given context of who you are. That’s part of your trajectory, isn’t it?”

To which Thornton countered, “Not really.”

Our inside source who is a friend of Billy Bob’s and works with Billy Bob told us the real and true reason why BBT’s interview went ‘bad.’

Our source said, “I was talking to him [Billy Bob] on the phone today and he told me about the radio [CBC] show. He [Billy Bob] simply told the CBC Producers before the show that he did not want to discuss his “acting/film career” during the interview. The interview was set to only talk about the Boxmasters [BBT’s band], not BBT’s acting career. It was rude that Jian Ghomeshi went ahead and asked Billy questions that he [Billy] did not want talk about. It’s obvious that this is the case if you listen to the interview. That is why Billy reacted the way he did. The Boxmasters want to be known for their music and as a band-not ‘Billy Bob Thornton and the band.’”

And about the Joaquin reference :)? “He’s [BBT] nothing like Joaquin [Phoenix] haha, media is funny-you have nothing to worry about.”

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