Drake Debuts Big Black Burly BEARD!

Rapper Drake has officially debuted his new appendage, a big black beard! Some on social media thought that perhaps the rapper had joined the lumberjack club while other were convinced he had joined ISIS Islam.

What ever the reason, we think it looks nice! Maybe even a tad sexy! Hey everyone loves the local hipster-rapper! It’s the fecal matter we can do without..

drake beard 3

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SORE! Did Rihanna Give Drake Herpes? [PHOTOS]

Our friends over at Mediatakeout spotted rapper Drake sporting a herpes-like sore on his bottom lip.

The strange abrasion appeared on the rapper’s gob sometime after he was reportedly seen chillin with Rihanna. Could it be time for drake to pick up a lifetime supply of Herpesin?


“Rihanna and Drake were spotted out together, for the second night in a row. They were both at the studio together. But look CLOSELY at Drake’s MOUTH . . . he appears to have a HERPES-TYPE sore on his lower lip.” Continue reading

DRAKE Issues Statement MISSPELLS Philip Seymour Hoffman

THECOUNT.COM EXCLUSIVE: A tough day at the office, is about to get a lot tougher for rapper Drake, after issuing a statement on his Rolling Stone cover debackel and in the process, misspelling Philip Seymour Hoffman’s name.. See in red below.drake young
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DRAKE ‘Disgusted’ Rolling Stone Gave HIS Cover To Philip Seymour Hoffman

Drake just showed his inexperience, not only in giving interviews but also retorting to said interviews. The rapper publicly slammed deceased actor Philip Seymour Hoffman over stealing what he is calling HIS Rolling Stone cover.

drake young

The former “Degrassi High” cast member tweeted on Thursday that he’s “disgusted” the magazine “took my cover from me last minute and ran the issue.”

Drake also thought his interview for the music magazine was limited to the time he was seated in the interviewee’s chair.. It’s not and never is.. You’re on once you walk in the door..

Drake stupidly slammed Kanye West’s Yeezus album by saying it was worse then a Fabolous record.. Ouch..
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