Little League World Series Champs STRIPPED OF TITLE

Little League World Series champions, Jackie Robinson West has been stripped of their title in the 2014 Little League World Series over cheating..

Runner ups, Las Vegas will now be awarded the title.

Jackie Robinson West 5

The Jackie Robinson West baseball team that brought the city together this summer is accused of stacking the team with players from the suburbs. “Jackie Robinson West Little League Continue reading

FAMILY: Bobbi Kristina To DIE Same Day Whitney Died

Sad news as we are learning that Bobbi Kristina will be removed from life support on the same day her mother died, also as a result of drowning in a bathtub, three years ago tomorrow..

On Wednesday, Brown’s family will unplug her life support system to coincide with Whitney Houston‘s death on February 11, 2012.

bobbi kristina will

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Teen Tweets About Dreading First Day At New Job, Gets FIRED Before She Starts

A teen who fired off a tweet voicing her displeasure with her first day at her new job, will now have plenty of free time after her new boss got wind of it on Twitter..

A female who is known as, “Cella,” was about to start a job at a deli when she took to Twitter to complain.. Safe to say she won’t be slicing any pastrami anytime soon..

Cella twitter new job fired

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New Samsung TV SPYING ON YOU Forwarding Info To NSA?

Careful what you say around your fancy, new Samsung TV, it’s listening and uploading YOUR VOICE to a third party – that just may be a government entity..

Buried deep in the TV giant’s “privacy policy” is a single line advising users that its voice command feature is capturing your voice and sending it to an unknown collection source.

Samsung tv spying 2

“Please be aware that if your spoken words include personal or other sensitive information, that information will be among the data captured and transmitted to a third party,” the policy reads. h/t abc13 Continue reading

FOLLOW THE MONEY: IF Bobbi Kristina Dies, Who Gets Whitney’s $20M?

IF Whitney Houston‘s only child, Bobbi Kristina should pass away, who then is slated to receive the contents of her vast estate, estimated to be worth $20 million?

Houston smartly included a secret provision in her will aimed at revising the distribution of her estate in the event Bobbi Kristina should die.

bobbi kristina accident scene

Terms of Whitney’s 1993 Last Will & Testament dictate that if daughter Bobbi Kristina “doesn’t survive her,” the estate shall be divided by her mother, Cissy, and other family members. Continue reading

Boston Mother And Young Daughter Found HANGED In Home

Massachusetts resident, Ariana Rosa-Soares, and her 9-year-old daughter, Marley, were found hanged in the basement of their home in Brockton, authorities say.

Soares, 32, and her daughter were found by the grandfather, Friday morning at their home which is located 25 miles south of Boston.

Ariana Rosa-Soares marley 3

Investigators are trying to determine what happened and are handling the case as a homicide. Continue reading


Bobbi Kristina Brown‘s life-support has been unplugged..

Brown was found face down in a bathtub 5 days ago..

bobbi kristina dead

Her father Bobby Brown is at Emory University Hospital in Atlanta hospital with friends and relatives – today is his birthday. Continue reading