Cal Poly Roof Collapse Injures 9 At St. Fratty’s Day Party Gone Wrong

Nine people were sent to the hospital after a garage roof they were reveling atop collapsed Saturday during an early St. Patrick’s Day party at California Polytechnic State University.

The Cal Poly annual event spiraled out of control caughting authorities and campus officials off-guard.

roof-collapse St. Patricks Day Polytechnic State 3

Several thousand students, most wearing green, poured onto campus Friday night and were still partying as the sun rose on Saturday. Continue reading

Dancing Man GoFundMe Page Raises More Than $30,000 For Dance Party Of A Lifetime

A dancing man from the UK who was mocked in an online post over his weight, has now been embraced by the internet to the tune of more than $30,000 in donations.

The money will be used to throw the man the dance party of a lifetime.

find dancing man

After being laughed at and told he was too fat to be dancing, the man became the subject of a viral search, the brainstorm of a group of body-positive woman who decided he had been treated unfairly. Continue reading

Nia Guzman Hubby To Chris Brown: Watch Your Step Fella!

It’s no secret, Chris Brown has a temper and now that temper is preceding him in life as Nia Guzman, his newly revealed baby mama, is issuing the singer a stern warning via her ex-husband, Terry Amey, “watch your temper around our family, or we’ve got a problem.”

Avery, who has a 13 year-old daughter with Guzman, says he’s officially letting Brown know he means business. Avery was married to Guzman from 2003 to 2014.

Nia Guzman

Terry says he and Nia were separated when she got knocked up … but since Avery knew it wasn’t his kid, he finally filed for divorce. Continue reading

Uncle Jesse Returns to Full House Home Fans Fail To Notice

John Stamos, aka, Uncle Jesse, recently revisited the San Francisco home used as exteriors for his Full House series, but fans also visiting the landmark were totally oblivious!

Stamos, now 51, posted the funny picture to his Instagram account:

john stamos at full house home

“Boy, these youngsters have 0.0 idea what they’re missing,” he captioned an Instagram photo. “#Fullhousehouse. #TURNAROUND.” Continue reading

Explosion Fire Breaks Out At White House Lockdown Initiated

White House is on lockdown after an explosion and resulting smoke and flames engulfed the area.

The incident happened as press gathered outside for departure of Obama to Selma.

Explosion Fire Breaks Out At White House Lockdown Initiated 3

Continue reading

Dude Busts WWE Finishing Moves On His Girl And She’s Totally Okay With It

This is Youtube star, Joe Weller, pulling some sweet WWE finishing moves on his girlfriend.

Entitled “Brutal WWE Moves On Girls,” Weller proves that slamming someone into a pool is not only safer than the ground, it’s way more fun! And apparently legal too!

Joe Weller wwe girlfriend youtube 4

If you’re wonder, the girls are identified as the Merrell Twins, aka, the girls he completely destroys..

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Anna Kendrick: Well Now I Have To Kill Myself

Anna Kendrick tweeted some love for Spencer Pratt after he favorited one of her prior tweets referencing TV show, The Bachelor.

Pratt, best known for his work on The Hills, simply favorited Kendrick’s tweet, which prompted the actress to exclaim that she could now die happy.

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