Woman Who Celebrated Gunned Down Cops On Facebook FIRED

Sierra McCurdy, the Subway Sandwich employee who celebrated the horrific shooting deaths of two police officers in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, has been justly fired.

McCurdy posted the unthinkable message “got em!” to her Facebook followers saturday night. And she also posted threats of “Baltimore”-style rioting and more cop-killings in the area:

Sierra McCurdy facebook 400x502 Woman Who Celebrated Gunned Down Cops On Facebook FIRED

We can turn this bitch into Baltimore real quick. Police take away innocent people lives everyday now & get away w/ it, f**k them…NO 

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Operation Jade Helm 15: Is This The Start Of Martial Law In Texas?

It will commence in July 2015, the U.S. Army Special Operations Command conducting a series of unprecedented military training exercises across Texas as well as six other states in the Southwest.

The plan, Army officials say, is to develop new warfare tactics and new procedures in an ever changing terror landscape, but many civilians are claiming the maneuver is really preparation for implementing martial law in Texas.

Operation Jade Helm 151 400x391 Operation Jade Helm 15: Is This The Start Of Martial Law In Texas?

“The diverse terrain in these states replicates areas special operations soldiers regularly find themselves operating in overseas,” the Pentagon said in announcing the exercises, dubbed Operation Jade Helm 15 and scheduled to run for eight weeks over the summer.  Continue reading

SORE! Did Rihanna Give Drake Herpes? [PHOTOS]

Our friends over at Mediatakeout spotted rapper Drake sporting a herpes-like sore on his bottom lip.

The strange abrasion appeared on the rapper’s gob sometime after he was reportedly seen chillin with Rihanna. Could it be time for drake to pick up a lifetime supply of Herpesin?

Rihanna Drake herpes 400x477 SORE! Did Rihanna Give Drake Herpes? [PHOTOS]

“Rihanna and Drake were spotted out together, for the second night in a row. They were both at the studio together. But look CLOSELY at Drake’s MOUTH . . . he appears to have a HERPES-TYPE sore on his lower lip.” Continue reading

Amber Rose: Kanye Doesn’t Write his Own Raps

Amber Rose made a wild admission while partying at the Supperclub in Los Angeles, saying Kanye West Doesn’t write his own raps.

Rose hijacked the microphone and started complaining about the music being played.

amber rose kanye comments supperclub 400x374 Amber Rose: Kanye Doesnt Write his Own Raps

“Stop playing n****s I used to fuck, stop, stop. Why don’t we play the n***a who writes his songs for the other n***a: Travi$ Scott. Let’s go. He writes his songs for the other n***a, let’s go.” Continue reading

Powerful 4.0 Earthquake Strikes TEXAS!

A powerful magnitude 4.0 earthquake has struck near Fort Worth, Dallas, Texas!

5km (3mi) NNW of Venus, Texas
9km (6mi) S of Mansfield, Texas
12km (7mi) W of Midlothian, Texas
14km (9mi) SE of Rendon, Texas
252km (157mi) NNE of Austin, Texas

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Cleveland Cavaliers SHAMEFUL Promo Video Promotes Domestic Violence

The Cleveland Cavaliers played the following creepy video on the Jumbotron depicting a man brutalizing his girlfriend after discovering she is a Chicago Bulls fan.

In the shocking video, the man pummels the woman to the ground after learning she is rooting for a rival team.

Cleveland Cavaliers Video Domestic Violence 4 400x297 Cleveland Cavaliers SHAMEFUL Promo Video Promotes Domestic Violence

It gets worse … the man justifies the beating by saying, “Bulls fan? I didn’t know you were a Bulls fan!” At the end of the video, the woman resurfaces with an ice pack on her head … and wearing a Cleveland shirt. Continue reading

Okay, So Are All Beards Really Full Of Poop?

Beards, you see them everywhere these days, but according to a new study those popular facial adornments are teaming with poop.

A favorite of lumberjacks, sailors, bikers and just about hipster in Nashville, those trendy beards are also known by microbiologists as ‘face fungus’.

Beards Really Full Of Poop 400x308 Okay, So Are All Beards Really Full Of Poop?

Quest Diagnostics microbiologist John Golobic decided to test just what lurked among the tangles of hair sprouting from a set of volunteers’ faces, and the results are, well, we’ll let this video explain … Continue reading

Shaq Falls HARD During Halftime Show

Shaquille O’Neal attempted to get out of his chair while hosting TNT’s “Inside the NBA” and took a nasty tumble.

Shaq was covering Game 2 of Rockets-Clippers when he abruptly stood up and just as abruptly went down hard taking out a few of his on-set electronic in the process..

Shaq Falls HARD During Half Time Show 400x289 Shaq Falls HARD During Halftime Show

What ensued next can only be described as pure comedy with a little help from Kenny Smith. Continue reading

Carrie Underwood: I Know I’m Lame

Carrie Underwood is a new mom and what better time to share a vacation bikini selfie! NOT! Underwood posted the sunny snap on her Instagram, and before you get all hot under the collar, take a breath, it’s only from the shoulders up..

Many were very curious to see the country crooner‘s post-baby mombod, but that reveal will have to wait.

carrie underwood bikini selfie 400x398 Carrie Underwood: I Know Im Lame

Underwood titled the post: “Vacation selfie. #IKnowImLame.”

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