Who Is Katrina Pierson? And Did She Really Have An Affair With Ted Cruz?

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Katrina Pierson is national spokesperson for Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump who has now been linked to a sex scandal involving Ted Cruz.

Pierson, a Republican activist, was mentioned in a National Enquirer story claiming extramarital affairs by her boss’s 2016 rival Ted Cruz. Neither Pierson nor the Cruz camp has commented on the rumors.

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Born to a single mother, Pierson was given up for adoption, but her mother later changed her mind. After a rocky start to adulthood, Pierson became active in Republican and Tea Party politics, at one point even gaining the endorsement of Rafael Cruz, Ted’s father. Like Trump, Pierson is known for controversial remarks, including calling the 2012 major party nominees “half-breeds.” h/t theheavy

Katrina Pierson ted cruz trump

Katrina Pierson ted cruz 2

Katrina Pierson ted cruz

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The hashtag, #CruzSexScandal, has been trending on Twitter. Some on social media noted the similarities between Pierson and a pixelated photo included in the National Enquirer story on Cruz.


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  • LYN

    I think that Trump is getting set up by some really evil people.

  • LYN

    yeah same old thing again…

  • luis martinez

    In the mean time The wifey still plays the “stand by your man” role, hoping to be the next first lady to a serial adulterer. (sounds familiar?)

  • mostlynew

    Oh, what a tangled web we weave. I am enjoying myself way too much today.