UK MAN SENTENCED: 9 Years After AUDI RS5 185MPH High-Speed Police Chase

Carey - August 23, 2012


Ben Westwood, 33, was sentenced to nine years in the slammer for conspiracy to burgle, conspiracy to rob and dangerous driving, after taking cops on a wild ride that reached top speeds of over 185MPH!

The “Los Angeles” style high-speed chase took place in Wolverhampton, UK., and was caught on camera from police helicopters. Westwood was fleeing after attempting to break into a ATM.

The high performance Audi RS5 was travelling so fast that sparks could be seen flying from the rear wheels.


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At one point Westwood performed a perfect handbrake stunt ending in the wrong direction facing oncoming cop cruisers.

Frustrated cops had no choice but to abandon the chase after speeds hit a paint-peeling 185MPH! It was later learned the Audi was fitted with a Lamborghini engine.

Police helicopters then took over the chase but Westwood even out ran them…

Cops later found the Audi abandoned and deployed a police dog who eventually located Westwood inside a nearby property. He was arrested and has been sitting in jail ever since.

The judge admonished Westwood at his sentencing;

You have an appalling record for a man of 33. You are no stranger to burglaries of this type.

This was an atrocious piece of dangerous driving. You drove through the suburban streets of Wolverhampton at speeds which the police car could not keep up.

I have come to the conclusion that the time has come to increase the level of sentencing that you have previously had.


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