Winona Ryder Thinks 50 Shades Of Grey Is About The Economy

Winona Ryder had a bit of an embarrassing chat moment with Fifty Shades of Grey author E.L. James, after telling the author she thought the erotic thriller was a story about the economy.

“I think I said something really stupid to her because I literally thought it was about the economy,” Ryder commented in the aftermath..


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Will Store Video Prove Forest Whitaker A Kleptomaniac?

I’ll start this by saying that Forest Whitaker made the classic “outraged hand-in-cookie-jar” defensive reaction after coming out publicly claiming he was wrongly accused of shoplifting at a NYC deli Friday morning. Now for the important question, where is the store’s security camera footage? After all, it is a NY deli… And this video could literally thrust the eatery on to the international stage, what is also referred to as, the big time.

forest-whitaker-milano shop lifter Whitaker, who probably has millions in the bank, was on his way out of the Milano Market on the Upper West Side Friday when he was stopped by a deli employee and accused of swiping an item from the shelf, reports TMZ.

… the employee proceeded to frisk Whitaker in plain view … treating him as if he were a common criminal.

Though TMZ said the employee “pat down” yielded nothing, our sources say Whitaker immediately became agitated as the store clerk tried to initially detain him, “He got really mad and started yelling, ‘I’m a millionaire, why would I steal? Why would I steal? Do you want to frisk me? You wanna frisk me?'” Our man on the street added, “The deli has security video of the event but neither party wants to pursue the matter further.” Okay let me guess, when the tape gets released, Whitaker will suddenly claim he was researching a movie roll… “KLEPTO?”

Why do rich people do stuff like this? Forest is So Winona Ryder buttons!