THOUSANDS Of Xbox Playstation User Passwords Credit Card Numbers LEAKED

Users Of Xbox Live, Sony Playstation Network and many other online networks like Twitch, AmazonHulu Plus and others had their stolen personal information released in a huge leak.

Coming in the form of a text file and posted on the internet, at least 13,000 user passwords and or credit card numbers were leaked, along with other personal information and credentials. The hackers, claiming to be an offshoot of Anonymous, shared the document on Ghostbin.

Feds Charge Indiana Teen In $100M International Hacking Ring

The leak comes on the heel of a massive Ddos attack on the Xbox and Playstation networks.
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Nintendo “3DS” is Coming…

3-D is hotter than ever right now, and Nintendo is making sure they stay current with all of the other competition…

Kyoto-based Nintendo announced their new 3-D gaming device, which is temporarily being called the Nintendo 3DS, is scheduled to launch during the coming fiscal year ending March 31, 2011. The new system will also play current Nintendo DS games, and the best part- NO glasses will be needed for the 3DS!

Fellow competitor “Sony”, has plans to upgrade its PlayStation 3 console to play 3-D games with a free software upgrade, but consumers will have to buy a new television and glasses to play 3-D games at home.

In a brief and unexpected statement, Nintendo released no additional information about the coming device’s price or functionality. The company said it would provide more details in June at the videogame industry’s annual E3 convention held in Los Angeles.