Female’s Facebook Post Lands Her In Hot Water With The Law

Back in 2012, Colleen Cudney was convicted for drunken driving. As part of her punishment, she was put on probation, and so on the day after St. Patrick’s Day, the 22-year-old was ordered to come to her Westland, Michigan probation office for a random breathalyzer test. She managed to pass it and celebratedthe good news on Facebook. That Facebook post, as WDIV Local 4 News reports, was a pretty stupid move.

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Woman 104 LIES About Age On Facebook

Just one day after Mark Zuckerberg announced huge cash prizes for scientists working on extending human life, Marguerite Joseph was forced to lie about her age after signing up for her very first Facebook account, you see marguerite is 104 and the social media giant failed to recognize people her year of birth as an option.Marguerite Joseph on Facebook

The Michigan centurion’s (plus 4) granddaughter says Joseph is unable to list her real age on the social media site.

Gail Marlow says when she tries inputting her grandmother’s birth year as 1908, Facebook changes it to 1928. So for the past two years, the Grosse Pointe Shores centenarian has remained 99 — online, anyway.

Joseph is legally blind and can’t hear well, but Marlow reads and responds to all of her Facebook messages.

Marlow tells WDIV-TV she “would love to see” Joseph’s real age displayed on Facebook and chalks up her inability to do so to “a glitch in the system.”

A Facebook official did not immediately respond to a message Wednesday seeking comment. FOXNews.

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