Sesame Street’s The Count Makes a Comeback!

Count Von Count on Google!

Count Von Count on Google!

We are really pleased here at to see that has decided to feature Sesame Street’s “Count Von Count” today on their site!!!

Count Von Count has been low-key for the last ten years, and it looks as if he is back in the spotlight! We’re not sure if he was too controversial being a vampire on a kids show, or if he just got tired of all the glitz n’ glam of the celeb lifestyle. Sesame Street started doing all their Muppet photo ops during the day, and obviously Count Von Count just couldn’t risk the sunlight. Maybe Sesame Street and Count Von Count made a deal for nighttime shoots FINALLY!? Whatever happened we are just pleased to see Count Von Count making a hot comeback gracing the cover of !!!

Happy 40th Anniversary to Sesame Street and thanks for finally getting Count involved again! Vampires are so hot right now!  Good move.
Love you Count Von Count!!!


Amy Winehouse Comeback Halted By Rain High Winds Falling Rigging

It was to be Amy’s first time on stage this year but the gods would not have it.   Suddenly the St. Lucia   rain pelted the stage, then the high winds kicked up and tossed heavy lighting rigs around like matchsticks and directly in to the sound system.   Amy was on stage frightened, looking like it was judgment day, and that’s when concert officials stepped in and ended the madness, canceling the rest of the concert.

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