This Is The Teen Who Shot Himself Dead While Taking Selfie

This is a photo of 19-year-old Houston man, Deleon Alonso Smith, who the day after starting community college, accidentally shot and killed himself while posing with a gun for a selfie.

The gun blast struck Smith in the throat, killing him instantly.
Deleon Alonso Smith pictured gun selfie

Family members were understandably stunned by the teen’s death,

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Medical Student SLAMMED For Posting SELFIE With DYING Patient

María José González, a medical student at the Valle de México University, thought it was a good idea to post a smiling selfie alongside a dying patient. Word up DeVry, it wasn’t.

González has spent the past month in hell after the heartless snap leaked and went viral.

María José González selfie dying patient

The picture, originally shared via the instant messenger Whatsapp, contained a none-too-flattering comment from González as well. Continue reading

Stockton Man Steals iPhone Uploads Selfies To Owner’s iCloud Account

File this one under: Very dumb criminals.. Stockton, Ca., authorities are seeking a man who is taking selfies of himself with a stolen iPhone – which are then automatically uploaded to the rightful owner’s iCloud account..

selfie iphone thief icloud

Stockton Police released the photo of the suspect, showing him holding up the phone to take a picture of himself with the phone’s front-facing camera. In the end, the suspect’s vanity may be his undoing.

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Doctor Snapped Selfie With Unconscious Joan Rivers

Doctors at the clinic where a botched Joan Rivers‘ procedure ended tragically, are being blasted after it was revealed they took selfies with the comedian while she lay unconscious.

Rivers was undergoing an unplanned biopsy, performed without her consent, when something went terribly wrong, resulting in her death.


The cardiac arrest leading to Joan Rivers’ death happened as the comedian’s personal doctor began performing a biopsy on her vocal cords, a source close to the death investigation told CNN. Continue reading