Girl Saves Mother’s Life After Shooting Attacker

An Oklahoma 11-year-old saved her mother’s life after shooting an ex-boyfriend as he attacked mom with a knife.

The ex, Leonardo Henry, broke into the little girl’s home where she lives with her four brothers and sisters’ and began attacking mom, inflicting stab wounds to her eye, neck, and chest, and that when lil Rambo opened fire shooting the bastard several times.

Lenoardo Henry shooting

Henry walked in upright but walked out with a limp, along with several gunshot wounds, and was subsequently arrested. He was hospitalized and expected to survive where he will stand trial for attempted murder. Continue reading

Sylvester Stallone: My Kids Are Embarrassed Of Rocky AND Rambo

This is one of the things about potentially having kids that makes me think twice… You could figure that Sylvester Stallone pampers his family and you’d be right because all that spoilage was made possible by – at the very least – thanks in-part to – a few little rolls dad played way back when named – Rambo and Rocky… Rolls his kids say now only serve to “embarrass” them… I guess online or to their schoolmates? OMG SOME KIDS!


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