Christie FOLDS: Ebola Nurse Can Go Home

Chris Christie was forced to fold on his decision to quarantine Nurse Kaci Hickox who was being kept in a tent in a hospital parking lot over Ebola.

A title wave of White House pressure effectively reversed Christie’s mandatory 21-day quarantine.

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The state-defying u-turn came after Obama successfully lobbied Christie’s New York counterpart, Gov. Andrew Cuomo, to relax their quarantine rules. Continue reading

Connecticut Family Of SIX Quarantined Over Ebola

An unnamed family of six returning from West Africa, has been quarantined in West Haven over Ebola.

According to West Haven Mayor Ed O’Brien, the family is not showing any symptoms.

National Guard and Reserve ebola 4

The quarantine is in compliance with an emergency order Gov. Dannel Malloy aimed at preventing the spread of the Ebola virus in the state of Connecticut.

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Justin Bieber REFUSES TO PAY! Tells Germans ‘KEEP THE MONKEY’

Justin Bieber better change his mind and change it quick! Reports coming out of Germany, the place that quarantined his pet money, say the singer called authorities to tell them to keep the monkey! As in, FIND IT A NEW HOME! I guess Justin didn’t want to pay the few thousand euros due for his little buddy’s upkeep, because he sent them the required written instructions telling them to give the animal away! THAT’S PLAIN WRONG!

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