“Selfie War” Paramedics ARRESTED In Florida; Exposed Elderly Patient’s Private Area

A pair of Florida paramedics have been arrested after engaging in a “selfie war” competition that used patients under their care as “props.” The game included holding open one patient’s eyelid and exposing a private area of an elderly woman. Many of the victims were unconscious at the time the photos were taken.

Kayla Renee Dubois, 24, and Christopher Wimmer, 33, were arrested by deputies and charged with multiple felonies. Authorities identified a total of 41 patients used in the game ranging from ages 24-86.

Kayla Renee Dubois Christopher Wimmer

“Many patients were intubated, sedated, or otherwise unconscious at the time,” said Okaloosa County Sheriff Larry Ashley’s office Facebook page. Continue reading

Connecticut Family Of SIX Quarantined Over Ebola

An unnamed family of six returning from West Africa, has been quarantined in West Haven over Ebola.

According to West Haven Mayor Ed O’Brien, the family is not showing any symptoms.

National Guard and Reserve ebola 4

The quarantine is in compliance with an emergency order Gov. Dannel Malloy aimed at preventing the spread of the Ebola virus in the state of Connecticut.

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3 More Child EV-D68 Cases Announced In North Carolina

North Carolina State health officials have confirmed three more cases of enterovirus D68, or EV-D68, totaling nine since Sept. 22.

Health and Human Services officials said the three specimens that tested positive for EV-D68 were all obtained from children ages 10 and under.

Enterovirus nc

“The confirmed cases were located in different parts of the state, so it is important for everyone, including parents and schools, to take necessary actions to prevent the spread of EV-D68 and other respiratory viruses. Continue reading