North Carolina State health officials have confirmed three more cases of enterovirus D68, or EV-D68, totaling nine since Sept. 22.

Health and Human Services officials said the three specimens that tested positive for EV-D68 were all obtained from children ages 10 and under.


Enterovirus nc

“The confirmed cases were located in different parts of the state, so it is important for everyone, including parents and schools, to take necessary actions to prevent the spread of EV-D68 and other respiratory viruses. There are no vaccines and no specific treatments for EV-D68, so prevention is the best option,” said Dr. Zack Moore, a pediatrician and epidemiologist with the Division of Public Health.

All nine cases of EV-D68, which has been causing severe respiratory illness across the country, have been children.

One additional case was detected in the eastern part of the state. The patient with this criteria tested positive for rhinovirus/enterovirus but additional testing is being conducted to determine if it is the D68 strain.

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