Howard Stern Prankster STRIKES CNN AGAIN!

Who the heck vets CNN’s call-in reports? An unsuspecting news network anchor thought she was speaking to Adam Sure, a spokesperson for the San Francisco police department who was to describe the recent Napa Valley earthquake, but then the caller commented that the shaker felt like “a rumbling from Howard Stern‘s butt crack.”


The crank yanker turned out to be legendary prank caller Captain Janks..

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Grandma FLOORED After Great White Shark Attack Prank

A panicked grandmother was floored after falling hook-line-and-sinker for a digital shark attack at a virtual aquarium in Washington, D.C.

The is not your garden variety shark attack prank, this is some real digital brilliance.

grandma shark tank prank

A video posted to YouTube and filmed by the woman’s daughter shows grandma repeatedly being told to touch the aquarium. Continue reading

Apple Store Prank Getting Apple’s Attention

Apple is trying to figure out how comedian Tyler Fischer took to four Apple stores in the New York City area and posed as an Apple employee.
apple store prank

For the prank, Fischer makes ridiculous and fake claims about the products, scans customer’s retinas for a credit check and even suggests that people just go buy an Android instead. All new buyers with syphilis get 20 percent off. Continue reading

Sick Prank Leaves Man Glued to Wal-Mart Toilet!

Cops found a 48-year-old man stuck to a Wal-Mart toilet in Maryland.

The man sat down for a number 2, and when he tried to stand up to leave, he failed. The panicked man then called the police for help after realizing that he was in a sticky situation.

The man was indeed glued to the toilet seat, and it took responders 15 minutes to remove the man and the seat from the stall!

The victim was taken with the toilet seat stuck to his bum, to Union Hospital of Cecil County, where the seat was detached. He left with only minor injuries to his buttocks.
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