Did The DUGGAR Family Get Caught In HUGE LIE?

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar may have told a blatant lie about their daughter’s professional skills and now fans of the family are responding in big, negative droves.

The Duggar scandal cropped up over a social media post about twins John and Jana‘s 25th birthday after the parents claimed their daughter was a “concert pianist.”

jana Duggar concert pianist 4

“They both have a ministry heart and are great role models for other young people,” the post on the family’s official Facebook page said, with a picture of the birthday kids. Continue reading

R. I. P. Dave Brubeck

David Warren “Dave” Brubeck has died.

Dave Brubeck Quartet‘s was best remembered for the rare, jazz cross-over hit, “Take Five“.

Panic Manual said this of a recent performance of the jazz great,

Dave Brubeck had the crowd in the palm of his hand all night long, from the standing ovation that greeted him to the one that bid him farewell and just wouldn’t stop. He gave us the benefit of his self-depricating sense of humour, telling us it’s a “good thing you clapped before you heard me play,” the only man in the room who didn’t think a brilliant show was in the offing.