Both directions of the I-395 Southeast/Southwest Freeway near the 3rd Street tunnel was blocked by protesters Sunday.

A line of hand-in-hand protesters blocked the road, also known as I-395. Some people on the side were holding signs protesting the Ferguson grand jury decision.

DC I-395 BLOCKED  protest

The email alert from the District of Columbia Alert DC system said Special Operations Division units from the DC police department are on the scene. Continue reading

100 FBI Agents Descend On Ferguson

The FBI has dispatched around 100 special agents to the St. Louis area of Ferguson.

The agents will be put in place to help deal with any problems that could arise from the grand jury decision on Darren Wilson, the Officer involved in the police shooting of Ferguson teenager Mike Brown.

FBI Descends On Ferguson

In addition to the FBI, other federal agencies have also mobilized staffers to get to St. Louis today, sources told ABC News. Continue reading