WATCH: Star Wars ‘Princess Leia’ Buying DRUGS?

During a weeklong investigation by The NY Post, Carrie Fisher, a.k.a., Princess Leia from “Star Wars” was spied visit a ghetto dope spot located in a seedy Hollywood apartment.. It wasn’t that long ago that Fisher’s costar, Mark Hamill was caught going through a public garbage cans searching for cigarette butts.1362756718_mark-hamill-carrie-fisher-harrison-ford-lg

The Post observed a messy-mopped Fisher, 57, hardly looking regal in a giant black trench coat, waiting in her car while one of two women rushed down from the apartment to hop in the passenger seat for no more than 30 seconds at a time. Continue reading

iPad Mini Buyer Reviews Not So Good! FYI and YW

I just got the bug to shop for an iPad mini and I was quite shocked at the preponderance of bad reviews for this Apple iPad spawn. The number one complaint seemed to be the fact that the screen resolution is very poor and another common complaint seemed to be the fact that the processor speed is unable to handle simple HD movie playback.

There’s no question about it, my regular iPad has been nothing short of life-changing as far as convenience goes, however, if the mini iPad is lacking in all of these departments maybe it starts to look like a little bit of an overpriced scam! Maybe well priced at $199.00 NOT the actual $349.00 and up?

What do you guys think? I’d like to hear from those of you who actually own an iPad mini so you can give me your input down in the comment section below.

Harry Styles MUM Uses His Name On eBay To Sell GIFTED Car He Gave Her!

I don’t get, Harry styles gave his mom, Anna Cox, this beautiful Mini Cooper last year for Valentine’s day, and now she’s selling it on eBay and not only is she selling it on eBay, she’s also using Harry styles, her son’s name, as an incentive to buyers to try and up the price!

At last check, the Mini was going for cool £6,000 pounds, which is how much American these days? About $6 bucks?

The eBay auction reads:

‘Harry Styles of One Direction bought this stunning car for his mum Anne as a Mother’s Day present in 2011. The lucky winner can have the car handed over by Anne who will be delighted to meet the new owner. The car is located at my garage and not at Anne’s house, so please do not come here expecting to see Anne. That privilege will be reserved for the lucky winning bidder. Don’t miss out on this unique car and photo opportunity.’

I’ve heard of regifting but this is ridiculous! But all-in-all I guess it’s okay for Harry’s mom to sell the car, he gave her, it’s hers and she can do what she wants with it. I just think with all the money he’s probably making she should’ve at least kept it a while longer and let it go up in value…