Rob Ford Former Toronto Mayor DEAD At 46

Former Toronto mayor, Rob Ford, the fun loving politician who was perhaps most famous for drug scandals while in office than his policies, has died. He was 46.

Ford reps said the former city official died Tuesday after a battle with cancer.

rob ford dead

Ford was diagnosed with pleomorphic liposarcoma in 2014 after a tumor was found in his abdomen. He underwent surgeries and multiple rounds of chemotherapy, but the cancer proved too strong. Continue reading

Sculptor Under Fire After Lucille Ball’s Hometown Decries: We Don’t Love Lucy!

Locals living in and around Lucille Ball‘s hometown of Celoron, N.Y., honored the actress by commissioning a life-size statue in her honor. But now the completed sculpture has many residences crying foul.

“This statue looks nothing like the beautiful Lucy we all know. If for no other reason than that… the statue should go,” commented one “I Love Lucy” lover. Another fan started a Facebook page titled We Love Lucy! Get Rid of this Statue.

Lucille Ball statue

“I think it looks like a monster. That is just my opinion,” the fan said. “When you see it at night, it is frightening.” Continue reading

New Reality Show Focuses On Eccentric Small Town Mayors

A new reality television show puts the focus on eccentric small town mayors.

The concept is simple in its brilliance..


Find a small town with personality that has a Mayor that viewers would want to spend an hour of their time watching each week. With Van Camp, they think they have found a winner in Ely. Following around Melody Van Camp for four days, the crew shot hours and hours of footage to be edited down into a three-minute “sizzle reel” to pitch a new show called “Small Town Mayor.”

Continue reading

California Mayor Gambles Away $1 Billion Dollars!

Ex-Mayor of San Diego, CA, Maureen O’Conner, 66, has gambled away $1 billion dollars from 2000-2009. She siphoned $2.1 million dollars from her late husband’s foundations.


Her late husband was the founder of the Jack-In-The-Box fast food stand. She is blaming her massive gambling addiction to depression and a brain tumor. Though she has removed her brain tumor. “There are two Maureens — Maureen No. 1 and Maureen No. 2,” said O’Connor during the news conference. “Maureen No. 2 is the Maureen who did not know she had a tumor growing in her brain.” She pled not guilty in a federal court to one count of money laundering. This agreement will defer two years from prosecution, to pay back all the money, and get help for her gambling addiction. Her fortune was estimated between $50 million to $40 million dollars. Now she is broke and living with her sister. Wow all I can say is WHAT THE F***k?!?!?! Seriously, lady??? Er….. she has more then just a “problem”! I can’t even imagine losing a million dollars but a billion??? That could of helped our country’s deficit!! Good grief! Rich people…

Homophobe Charlie Sheen Hanging With New BFF LA Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa

Charlie Sheen seems to have found himself a new party buddy, and not just any buddy, Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa! Sheen Tweeted this photo with the caption “From Boyle Heights 2 Mayor of LA..! @hotelelganzo 2 party w/SHEEN at SheenZ..! Antonio Villaraigosa knows how to party!”


Why does Charlie’s arm look so skinny? Did he stop working out? His body has definitely shrunk… Sheen was opening his new club at Cabo’s Hotel El Ganzo.

As a bonus, here’s Charlie on the same night, offending all gay people uttering a classless homophobic slur…