Ex-Mayor of San Diego, CA, Maureen O’Conner, 66, has gambled away $1 billion dollars from 2000-2009. She siphoned $2.1 million dollars from her late husband’s foundations.



Her late husband was the founder of the Jack-In-The-Box fast food stand. She is blaming her massive gambling addiction to depression and a brain tumor.¬†Though she has removed her brain tumor.¬†“There are two Maureens — Maureen No. 1 and Maureen No. 2,” said O’Connor during the news conference. “Maureen No. 2 is the Maureen who did not know she had a tumor growing in her brain.” She pled not guilty in a federal court to one count of money laundering. This agreement will defer two years from prosecution, to pay back all the money, and get help for her gambling addiction. Her fortune was estimated between $50 million to $40 million dollars. Now she is broke and living with her sister. Wow all I can say is WHAT THE F***k?!?!?! Seriously, lady??? Er….. she has more then just a “problem”! I can’t even imagine losing a million dollars but a billion??? That could of helped our country’s deficit!! Good grief! Rich people…

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