Louisville Player Sustains GRUESOME Injury! [GRAPHIC VIDEO]

Louisville player, Kevin Ware, just sustained the most gruesome injury during their Elite Eight game against Duke. WATCH HERE AT OWN RISK! ADVISING CAUTION! CHANGE YOUR LIFE FOREVER GRAPHIC! LASTING IMPRINT BAD! YES, IT’S THAT BAD! – If you don’t believe me, check out some of the reactions…

Stewart Mandel @slmandel Rick Pitino on Ware: “Basically the bone popped out of his skin. It will take a year for him to come back. Same injury as Michael Bush.”


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Oh No!? Chris Brown and Rihanna Split… Again!

Chris Brown went on Los Angeles radio station Power 106 and was interviewed by Big Boy.


Big Boy simply asked,”Are you still with Rihanna?” Chris Brown responds with a, “Uh no.” Well that was short, sweet and succint. Rihanna also tweeted this out,  “This is terrible”, and then the tweet was taken down. Rihanna retweeted:



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OMG! Kim Kardashian To Name Baby EASTON WEST!

Kim Kardashian was on THE TONIGHT SHOW and Jay Leno asked her if the rumors were true that Kanye West wanted to name there baby ‘North‘. She shut down the rumor saying its not true. However, she said she had a cute baby name she wanted to share with everyone. She wanted to name the baby, ‘Easton’. So it’ll be Easton West. LOL? These people are soooo clever! But I must say, I do like the name Easton way more then North. But either way their baby has something to do with direction points.


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Game of Thrones Actor Gets His Ear Bitten Off!

Okay so we recently had a story about Jared Leto receiving a severed ear from one of his fans. Clive Mantle, who plays Great Jon Umber in Game of Thrones, gets his ear bitten off in NewCastle, England.


So the story goes he was staying at a Travelodge and it was super late and he asked the people next to him to keep it down and instead he got his ear bitten off. WOW! Wth is he doing at a Travelodge?  Mantle’s agent described it like this to the UK Mirror:
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TMI Hugh Hefner!!!

In a recent interview with Esquire magazine, 86-year-old Hugh Hefner admitted to sleeping with soooo many women over his life. So many women that Hefner says, “How could I possibly know? Over a thousand, I’m sure.” Hefner continued to say, “There were chunks of my life when I was married, and when I was married I never cheated. But I made up for it when I wasn’t married. You have to keep your hand in.” UGH! Good to know? But now he confesses that he’s a very happy, committed man to his new bride, 26-year-old Crystal Harris. Hefner concludes saying, “All our friends think it’s made in heaven, [and] I just feel very, very fortunate to have found her at this stage in my life. I saved the best till last,” Dude you’re 86-years-old Hugh Hefner! Of course she’s going to be your last! Let’s just be logical and realistic here!!!


Fergie Showing Off Her Fergalicious Baby Bump

Fergie showed up at the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards to support her husband, Josh Duhamel, who was hosting the show. Fergie was wearing a hot skin-tight dress and she looked awesome! Fergie who will be a first-time mom at 37 looked absolutely beautiful and glowing.


In a whole different situation Josh Duhamel had an interview with the AP and may have accidently dropped the gender of their child. “You know your kid is going to get — he’s going to fall and bump his head, and he’s going to do all of those things. But that to me is going to be the hardest thing.” Duhamel kept referencing his child as a “he”, which brings speculation that they might be having a boy!


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