El Chapo Judge MURDERED In Broad Daylight While Jogging Near Home In Mexico City

Vicente Bermudez Zacarias, the Mexican federal judge who presided over the appeals of drug lord Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman was murdered in broad daylight while jogging near his home in Mexico City.

The brazen assassination of Zacarias was captured on video. It shows the chilling and disturbing moment the unknown man ran up behind Zacarias and shot the judge in the head.


Zacarias was a Mexican federal judge handling the appeals of El Chapo, the notorious drug kingpin who helms the Sinaloa cartel, which traffics massive quantities of illegal narcotics across the Mexican-American border. Continue reading

Stand By Your Shrimp Boy: Raymond Chow GF Speaks Out

Alicia Lo, the girlfriend of San Francisco’s notorious, Raymond “Shrimp Boy” Chow, is speaking out after he was sentenced to life in prison. He was found guilty of a rival’s murder in 2006.

Lo’s comments, which came after Chow was sentenced, indicate she thinks he’s innocent. Lo went on to say that she would never put her daughter in harm’s way if she thought Chow was a violent individual.

Alicia Lo shrimp boy

In a 2015 New York Times feature on Chow, Lo explains that the couple has been together since 2008. When they got together, Chow was driving in “an old bulletproof Mercedes.” Continue reading

Cops Raid Home Of Bitcoin Founder

Australian cops have conducted a raid on the home of the tech entrepreneur, Craig Wright, an early developer of the digital currency bitcoin.

At least 10 law enforcement officers arrived at Wright’s home in the Sydney suburb of Gordon. Two police personnel could be seen wearing white gloves and searching cupboards and surfaces of the garage.

Craig Wright bitcoin

The raids are said not to be related to the claims that Wright may have been involved in the creation of bitcoin, but are related to an Australian Tax Office investigation. Continue reading

Snoop Dogg BUSTED Smuggling $422,000 CASH Into ITALY

Snoop Dogg was detained by the Italian financial police after they said the rapper was caught with $422,000 in cash while traveling into the Lamezia Terme airport in Calabria.

Snoop was roughly $411,000 OVER the limit that can legally be transported across EU borders undeclared. Last week he was briefly detained in Sweden on suspicion of drug use after a concert near Stockholm.

snoop dogg money italy airport 2

Financial police confirmed a report by the Italian news agency ANSA that half of the cash was impounded under Italian anti-money laundering codes. In such cases, the balance is returned minus any fine set by magistrates. Travelers within the European Union are required to declare 10,000 euros ($11,000) or more in cash. h/t breitbart

Snoop Dogg played in Calabria Friday night, and is scheduled to perform Sunday at the Kendal Calling Festival in England.

Bryan Singer ACCUSER INDICTED Wire Fraud

The man who accused Bryan Singer, “X-Men” director, of assault, has himself been criminally indicted for securities and wire fraud.

Michael Egan, the man who claimed Singer organized pool parties to groom young boys, and then abruptly withdrew his lawsuit, was indicted by feds Thursday for allegedly defrauding investors by promising to invest money in Halloween-themed ventures, but instead pocketing the cash to pay for personal expenses.

Michael Egan

According to the indictment Egan lied about owning parts of Vegas hotels and casinos and knowing the CEO of a major bank. Continue reading

Jordan Belfort Storms Out Of 60 Minutes Interview! What Is He Hiding?

Stockbroker Jordan Belfort, the real life Wolf of Wall Street, stormed out of an interview with 60 Minutes reporter Liz Hayes after she asked him some question about his current financial situation.


Claiming he’d been hit with ‘‘a hatchet job’’, Belfort stormed off after questioning from Hayes over his current financial set-up which has repeatedly come into question over his earnings and the amount he is repaying to his victims, who lost more than $200 million.

Continue reading

California Mayor Gambles Away $1 Billion Dollars!

Ex-Mayor of San Diego, CA, Maureen O’Conner, 66, has gambled away $1 billion dollars from 2000-2009. She siphoned $2.1 million dollars from her late husband’s foundations.


Her late husband was the founder of the Jack-In-The-Box fast food stand. She is blaming her massive gambling addiction to depression and a brain tumor. Though she has removed her brain tumor. “There are two Maureens — Maureen No. 1 and Maureen No. 2,” said O’Connor during the news conference. “Maureen No. 2 is the Maureen who did not know she had a tumor growing in her brain.” She pled not guilty in a federal court to one count of money laundering. This agreement will defer two years from prosecution, to pay back all the money, and get help for her gambling addiction. Her fortune was estimated between $50 million to $40 million dollars. Now she is broke and living with her sister. Wow all I can say is WHAT THE F***k?!?!?! Seriously, lady??? Er….. she has more then just a “problem”! I can’t even imagine losing a million dollars but a billion??? That could of helped our country’s deficit!! Good grief! Rich people…