Stockbroker Jordan Belfort, the real life Wolf of Wall Street, stormed out of an interview with 60 Minutes reporter Liz Hayes after she asked him some question about his current financial situation.



Claiming he’d been hit with ‘‘a hatchet job’’, Belfort stormed off after questioning from Hayes over his current financial set-up which has repeatedly come into question over his earnings and the amount he is repaying to his victims, who lost more than $200 million.

Hayes had questioned Belfort’s finances, in particular the oral contract he has with his management, the Fordham Company. ‘‘Is that an attempt to hide your income?’’

After repeatedly telling Hayes to move on from her line of questioning, he told her: ‘‘You’re a very nice woman … but this is obviously a hatchet job.”

He then stormed off, saying: ‘‘You can air what you want out of this interview – it’s done.’’

He added in an exasperated tone: ‘‘You’ve got a lot of nerve, boy, I tell you.

‘‘I was told this was a friendly, nice interview. No one has ever treated me as disrespectfully as you have.’’ source

Questions have been repeatedly raised over Belfort’s income, after he was convicted of fraud and money laundering for which he served 22 months in jail. As part of his jail term, he was required to repay more than $100 million in restitution to his victims but prosecutors have claimed he is falling way short of repaying his debts.