Lady Gaga Leak: Iconic Photo Photoshopped

Lady Gaga is involved in a new Photoshop scandal involving her shoot with renowned fashion photographer Mario Testino..

lady gaga photoshop

The photoshopped images have changed the colour of Gaga’s skin and have also added ribs to make her appear more skinny. As someone who has publicly spoken out about her battle with anorexia and bulimia, as well as her disdain for photoshopping in the media, it would be a shame to think Gaga had asked for this to be photoshopped in. source

Lady Gaga is yet to comment..


What the hell is wrong with Miley Cyrus these days? First she tosses her marriage plans in the trash and now she’s giving yourself a wedgie! I’m not even one of those sexy wedgies!

This is more one of those weird wedgies.. I am sorry folks but this is a very unflattering pose! Matter of fact, it’s downright uncomfortable – to look at it! Much less be it!