Jared Leto who? Lupita Nyong’o Already Dating RAPPER

Jared Leto had better get in line because 12 Years A Slave star, Lupita Nyong’o is already spoken for and has been off the market since September! Now you tell us!lupita-nyongo-knaan-467

A source told Us Weekly that the Kenya-raised actress, 31, has been dating Somali-born rapper K’Naan for over six months.

Now based in New York, the couple has bonded over their similar interests.

“She loves his humanitarianism,” says a pal of the “Wavin’ Flag” singer, 36. “They’d both passionate about African issues.” Continue reading

Sandra Bullock & Jesse James Officially Divorced

After finding out publicly that Jesse James had numerous mistresses and cheated during his marriage to actress Sandra Bullock, the divorce was filed between the two soon after.

Sandra filed a divorce with Jesse just a few months after the cheating. She filed April 23, 2010, and just last week, the divorce became final.

No other info about the divorce is public as of yet…

So sad.

NO SURPRISE Sandra Bullock Files For Divorce

“The marriage between Petitioner and Respondent has become insupportable because of discord or conflict of personalities that destroys the legitimate ends of the marriage relationship and prevents any reasonable expectations of reconciliation.” As stated in the document filed by Sandra Bullock on April 23.

Not a big surprise as there was no coming back for Jesse James who got caught red handed with not one but many, may mistresses.

Jesse James Mistress #2 Comes Out!

Sandra Bullock’s husband Jesse James keeps digging himself into a deeper hole! He recently got caught with the Nazi stripper Michelle McGee, and now this hoe Melissa Smith! If one mistress comes out of the mist, you can always guarantee theres more to follow!

Melissa Smith is a stripper, and she ended her relationship with Jesse James in 2008. But who cares that it was a relationship from 08′! It’s never too late to ruin someone’s life and reputation! Now is a perfect moment!

Radaronline.com reported:
“Melissa Smith claims her relationship with James began in 2006, while he was already married to Bullock. As RadarOnline.com previously reported, James approached Smith on her MySpace page which eventually led to Smith taking a trip to his West Coast Choppers office where she says they “ended up having sex on his couch, and he didn’t use a condom.” They would meet for trysts in his office every couple of months before ending it in March 2009 when James’ affections cooled. Smith explained: “We stopped hanging out because his attention was on the next woman.””

Radaronline then reported today that Jesse James text messaged Melissa Smith yesterday! Their source said that Jesse text Melissa- “I’m angry at you and disappointed you’d do this”.

The source continued to say…
“Melissa said that he was obviously referring to the fact that she has talked about their affair, even going so far as to share his text messages with the world – that was the funny thing about him texting her when she had already done that – you’d think he would of learned his lesson!”

“Melissa is pretty p***ed about the way Jesse treated her, she thinks he just used her for sex then when he got bored he threw her aside and moved on, so she thinks he’s really got some nerve texting that HE’S disappointed in HER.”