NASA: It Happened! We Discovered Water On Mars

The search for life on Mars has been the subject of countless science fiction movies while sparking the imagination of as many, but now, the planet with the reputation as desolate and lifeless, may actually contain the most important key to life, water.

Scientists reported on Monday that conclusive signs of water have finally been found on the surface of the red planet, a finding that supercharges speculation that life could in-fact exist.

water mars photo nasa 2

“This, I think, gives a focus of where we should look more closely,” said Alfred S. McEwen, Continue reading

LIVE STREAM: Amusement Park Ride Accident Los Angeles

The Ninja rollercoaster located at Six Flags Magic Mountain California has gone off the rails.. At least 22 passengers hanging over 20 feet in the air are said to be alert and talking with EMS.

LIVE NOW: Amusement Park Ride Accident, Los Angeles

Amusement Park Ride Accident, Los Angeles

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