Houston To LAX Jet Bomb Threat LIVESTREAM

Police responded to a plane that landed at Los Angeles International Airport due to a reported threat, according to airport police.

Details regarding the threat were not immediately available. Aerial video showed several law enforcement and fire department vehicles near the American Eagle plane on the tarmac at LAX.

American Eagle bomb threat lax houston

An armored police vehicle was positioned behind the plane, which departed from Houston Tuesday morning.

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GEE WIZ! Rapper Wiz Khalifa ARRESTED At LAX

Wiz Khalifa was arrested at LAX after being taken down hard by airport police.

The rapper can be heard saying that he was “not resisting,” as cops cuffed him over his refused to get off his Smart Balance Wheel. Wiz later tweeted saying “Haven’t been slammed and cuffed in a while. That was fun.”


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Katharine McPhee McHorrible Haircut

We report on Katharine McPhee‘s great fashion sense all-the-time here on TheCount.com, but this time we are reporting on her for another reason… The new hair? To be blunt, it sucks nutty bars! She went from steam kitten to Anne Hall all in the course of a plane ride! The 29-year-old arrived to LAX shocking waiting fans with a haircut that was obviously born in the Jet’s laboratory bathroom!

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