GODFATHER OF BMX Scot Breithaupt Found DEAD On Vacant Lot

Scot Breithaupt, who was rightfully dubbed the “Godfather of BMX,” was found dead in a vacant lot in Indio, CA., over the holiday weekend.

Breithaupt, 57, who was a member of the BMX Hall OF Fame and helped bring bicycle motocross to the masses, was discovered lifeless in a tent on a vacant lot.

Scot Breithaupt did Scot Breithaupt die

Officials are investigating the death but say foul play does not seem to be in play. Continue reading

Indio Downey ARRESTED – COCAINE Possession

**UPDATED BELOW** Robert Downey Jr.’s son, Indio Downeywas arrested for possession of a controlled substance, that substance cocaine.

The bust went down in West Hollywood Sunday afternoon after cops spotted the fledgling musician smoking something from a pipe while seated in a vehicle. 

indio downey

Indio was a passenger in a car at around 2 PM PT when cops drove up alongside the vehicle and noticed the passenger was smoking something out of a pipe. An L.A. County Sheriff’s deputy pulled the car over, did a search and allegedly found cocaine in Indio’s possession.   Continue reading

Robert Downey Jr Son Indio Falconer Downey Playing Guitar

English: Robert Downey, Jr., taken at the AIR ...


Indio Downey is the son of Robert Downey Jr! His mom is Debra Falconer. Indio is a musician and here we see him jamming at a Venice Beach, Ca. cantina.

Meg White got hitched!

Meg White, drummer for the White Stripes, married guitarist Jackson Smith, son of singer/songwriting legend,Patti Smith, in Nashville last weekend.

The ceremony was one part of a double wedding which also featured the nuptials of fellow musician Jack Lawrence of the Raconteurs and his GF Jo McCaughey.The quaint affair took place in the backyard of Jack White’s Nashville home.

Hipsters across the world rejoiced. The biggest question is: What lucky band played the wedding?

Look! It’s Lisa Mason Lee with Paris and Nicky Hilton!

Why didn’t our very own blogger Lisa Mason Lee make the lineup of ‘Celebrities at the Britney Vegas Show‘ on BritneySpears.com? Look! You can see Lisa in the middle in between Paris and Nicky Hilton! It’s really her! Haha! We love it! Read more about what Paris and Nicky were doing and what they looked like at the Britney Vegas show.

lisaparisnickycopy Look! Its Lisa Mason Lee with Paris and Nicky Hilton!