Armored Vehicle OPENS FIRE On Dallas Police Headquarters Shootout Standoff Ongoing

The Dallas police headquarters was ambushed by someone in an armored van early Saturday.

The shooting prompted a pursuit involving dozens of police vehicles. The gunman is currently in a standoff with police after being cornered along Interstate 45.

Dallas police station shootout

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WATCH: President Obama Plays Ball With A ROBOT

Check out President Obama playing ball with ASIMO, or Advanced Step in Innovative Mobility! Obama and the robot even shared a bow, which some viewed as inappropriate, not for the robot but for Obama.

obama bows to robot

“How about that, that was pretty impressive,” Obama said as he marveled the robot’s impressive ball handling skills..

“We saw some truly amazing robots — although I have to say the robots were a little scary,” he said. “They were too lifelike. They were amazing.”

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Sandy Hook LT. J. Paul Vance Involved In Boston Bombing?

Sandy Hook LT. J. Paul Vance Involved In Boston Marathon Bombing! EXCLUSIVE!! If you know anything about the growing number of Sandy Hook hoax conspiracy theories, then you know a number of them surround LT. J. Paul Vance.. Well lookie who found issueing the APB for a green Honda in connection with the Boston Marathon bombing manhunt! You guessed it! Vance!

sandy hook vance boston bombing

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