DECLINED! Miley Cyrus Katy Perry Make Out Mishap

Miley Cyrus made a fool of herself (again,) this time after beckoning Katy Perry over for a french Kiss and getting squarely DECLINED! Ouch! Miley and Perry looked like they would have ended up with a nice friendly and flirty kiss on the lips, that is until Cyrus tilted her head on the ‘I kissed a Girl’ singer..

miley cyrus katy perry kiss2 700x464 DECLINED! Miley Cyrus AGAPE Over Katy Perry Make Out Mishap

Depraved Miley went in for a little tonsil hockey with the “Roar” singer, but after a brief peck, Katy broke it off! Miley seemed destroyed by the move.. Her hungry mouth still a gape..

Click below to view the not-so steamy video..

Britney Goes Back to Blonde-Is She Going Back to Crazy Again?

Britney was seen out last night with new blonde hair, riding around West Hollywood and hanging out at a party according to LA times.

She spent nine hours getting her color done (and some extensions, we presume, because no color takes that long) at Andy LeCompte’s salon, then headed out to the Gaano Star Jazz Club in downtown Los Angeles wearing a tight black dress.

Britney going blonde mean going crazy?

A lot of people, especially woman and gay men, dye their hair if they need a ‘change’ in their life. Dying or cutting your hair can automatically give you a higher self-esteem and make you gain confidence. It ‘a new you’ kind of feeling. As for Britney, her hair was blonde a month ago, then she dyed it brown, and two weeks later she’s blonde again! Is this a sign she is looking for happiness or fulfillment? Will her new hair color make her happy?