DECLINED! Miley Cyrus Katy Perry Make Out Mishap

Miley Cyrus made a fool of herself (again,) this time after beckoning Katy Perry over for a french Kiss and getting squarely DECLINED! Ouch! Miley and Perry looked like they would have ended up with a nice friendly and flirty kiss on the lips, that is until Cyrus tilted her head on the ‘I kissed a Girl’ singer..

miley cyrus katy perry kiss2 700x464 DECLINED! Miley Cyrus AGAPE Over Katy Perry Make Out Mishap

Depraved Miley went in for a little tonsil hockey with the “Roar” singer, but after a brief peck, Katy broke it off! Miley seemed destroyed by the move.. Her hungry mouth still a gape..

Click below to view the not-so steamy video..

DOTE DOTE DOTE: Can’t Megan Fox Just Leave A Restaurant Without The Drama?

Megan Fox! You’re just leaving a damn restaurant! Okay so there’s a little rain, big deal, does it always have to be such a ordeal? I think the real story here might be that this is the first time that Megan and Brian have left baby behind with a babysitter for a dinner date! Okay back to the drama… Can’t you just leave the restaurant like a normal person?!

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