Channing Tatum Is Getting SO FAPPY!

Courtesy If Channing Tatum were to star in Magic Mike 2, he might have to drop a few pounds of downtime-weight! The 33-year-old actor has been taking a few months off from acting and has enjoyed the chance to take it easy with his wife, Jenna Dewan-Tatum, and their new daughter, Everly.Channing-Tatum-fat

“[Jenna and I] like to say I am very ‘fappy,'” he tells Ellen DeGeneres on her talk show. “I’m very fat and happy right now I’ve been working for two straight years, and now it’s some really needed down time.”
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Ellen DeGeneres Shock Announcement: ‘I’m Leaving America’

Ellen DeGeneres is more than considering a move to Australia after telling her Australian audience “I shouldn’t put it out there but I’m moving here.” The 55-year-old comedian and talk show host made the remarks while on a recent trip to her wife Portia de Rossi‘s hometown of Melbourne. Outlets please credit,

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Charlie Sheen To Cop Killer Cop: ‘Call Me’

After being mentioned as “awesome,” in cop killer cop, Christopher Dorner’s manifesto, actor Charlie Sheen made a video asking the wanted man to call him, to work things out… Sounds like a set-up to me…


Dorner — who is accused of killing three people including a cop — mentioned a number of celebs in his online “manifesto,” and wrote about Sheen, “Charlie Sheen, you’re effin awesome.”

Sheen recorded the message to Dorner yesterday, saying, “You mentioned me in your manifesto, so thank you for your kind words. I am urging you to call me. Let’s figure out together how to end this thing.”

Dorner is still at large as cops described the killer’s trail as now “cold.”


Miley Cyrus: “I’m Not Really a Stoner- It Was a Joke”

Miley Cyrus had her 20th Birthday party a few nights ago at the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood. She received a Bob Marley cake which apparently reflected a side of her personality that the public has questioned since her 19th Birthday starring Salvia Divinorum and a bong.

At her party this year, Kelly Osbourne hands her a Bob Marley themed cake, and Miley replies, “You know you’re a stoner when friends make you a Bob Marley cake. You know you smoke way too much f***in’ weed.” Kelly says, “I thought Salvia was your problem.”

Miley’s rep said today, that the girls were just being smart-asses and it was all said in jest. Miley Cyrus is NOT a pothead.