Bullied Schoolgirl Escorted To The Dance By THIS GROUP Of GUYS

Kate was endlessly being bullied by her schoolmates for being ‘taller’ than other kids her age, and that prompted her to tell her mom that she wanted to pass on going to her holiday formal, but mom had a better idea, she contacted the 501st Southern Cross Garrison.

So who exactly is the 501st Southern Cross Garrison? They’re a group of badass, do gooders who go around performing dressed as stormtroopers.

501st Southern Cross Garrison kate 1

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Video Shows NV, CA, AZ UFO Lateral Moves

Wow, I love it when a good UFO story falls out of the sky, literally and pun intended. This latest baby was a whopper as seen from California to Nevada to Arizona and beyond, way beyond. When I sought out a youtube video to research this story I found this one. As seen by some people kicking it on their deck, the object in the video appears to move left to right. I don’t have any justification of why a piece of falling space junk would move laterally. You be the judge watch the video from 0:43 to see the revealing video.