Danica Patrick Devastated After ROOKIE MISTAKE Eliminates Racecar!

OMG! Danica Patrick was forced to run her backup car at Daytona because of a rookie mistake! Patrick thought she had a blown engine Saturday so she pulled the car into the garage instead of letter her crew analyze the vehicle! Moments later the car war running fine and Patrick was literally reduced to tears!


But shortly after Patrick did an interview with ESPN, her crew fired up the car, shut it off and fired it up again.

The engine, it seemed, was running just fine.

A look of horror came over Patrick’s face. Stunned, she walked alone to the corner of the garage and put her hands on her temples, back facing the car.

Was the problem fixable after all? Could she simply have fixed the issue on pit road or switched to the backup ignition?

Suddenly, she seemed to be on the verge of tears. She bent over, hands on her knees and stared at the ground. Source.

Poor Danica! The car may have been able to return to the track! But maybe with that huge crash she might consider herself lucky!

Ron Jeremy CLEARED To Go Back To ‘Work’

That was fast, not Ron Jeremy‘s sex scenes but his recovery from an aneurysm near his heart that required multiple emergency surgeries just to save his life… Jeremy has already been cleared to go back to work… Laying down his special brand of steel.

gee ron jeremy large msg 117597188612 Ron Jeremy CLEARED To Go Back To Work

(Yes… that’s what’s his name.)
Yesterday TMZ caught up with the porn legend who was haunting the Nokia Theater at L.A. Live with Bunny Ranch honcho Dennis Hof.

Jeremy not only told us he’s feeling great following the procedures … but he’s already healthy enough to do what he does best … telling us:

 Ron Jeremy CLEARED To Go Back To Work

“They said to me at the clinic, that if you can walk up two flights of stairs you’re able to have sex… so I walked up two flights of stairs and 3 ADDITIONAL stairs.”

Danica Patrick Pole Postion! Daytona’s Fastest Lap 196.220 mph

Take that testosterone! Danica Patrick, you know her as Go Daddy‘s sexy brunette, millionaire, race car driver – scored the fastest lap at Daytona, exhilarating to a whopping 196.220 mph. Patrick was the eighth driver to make a qualifying attempt in Sunday’s session.


Patrick’s team brought a different car than she drove in a test last month after this model showed better aerodynamic results in the wind tunnel.

“It would be really nice,” she said. “It’s a very big pole for attention. Other races you’d feel as a driver more pleased to get, but this is a team effort.”

xxx-daytona-track-graphic-3_4_rx340A pole position at Daytona is nothing new for Patrick, who qualified first for last year’s season-opening Nationwide race at the 2.5-mile oval. But opening her first full season in Sprint Cup with her first pole in NASCAR’s premier series would be a coup. Source.

Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt May Sue NBC

Heidi Spencer

Heidi Montag was rushed to the hospital because she was ‘convulsively throwing up’ which is said to be caused by the torture that the network [NBC] is inflicting on the contestants. Heidi and Spencer Pratt were “forced” to stay in a dark room for a full day and night with only water, rice and beans. The conditions are being compared to “Guantanamo Bay.”

TMZ is also reporting that NBC execs were trying to get Heidi not to seek medical attention. Luckily she did because she has been diagnosed with a gastric ulcer!

Ryan Seacrest interviewed Paul Telegdy, NBC’s Exec VP of Alternative Programming, who explained to Ryan the kind of punishment that was planned for Heidi and Spencer:

“They are now going to be examined, and their value system utterly deconstructed¦these people are going to bare their souls.”

Another source says “Spencer fired his lawyer after he tried to talk the “actor” into staying on the show.  Plans of a lawsuit against NBC are in the works”.