STARBUSTED! Woman Confronts Barista Who Stole Credit Card Number

When you give that credit card to the Starbucks cashier, be aware, be very aware.. You might just end up a venti cup of fraud.

A California Starbucks customer posted a video to YouTube showing her confrontation with a Starbucks barista, accusing the worker of making a copy of her credit card and then spending over $200 at Ralphs grocery store.

star busted

The young thief admits her wrongdoing.. But adds the disclaimer that she’s a “good child, who goes to school and plays soccer.” Continue reading

Snooki Husband Exposed As Ashley Madison Account Holder

Jersey Shore’s Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi’s husband, Jionni LaValle, has some explaining to do after it was revealed he had an Ashley Madison account.

The email address of the reality star’s hubby, which matches one that he uses, was pegged to the affair website, Us Weekly is reporting.


As previously reported, hackers last week released stolen information of more than 37 million subscribers to the Canada Continue reading

Ashley Madison Cheater List Includes ALL THIS And More

The Ashley Madison hack and resulting “cheater list,” has exposed at least one person in the public eye, Josh Duggar, but what kind of info was dumped and now floating around on the internet? On a side note, email addresses found in the data dump also include thousands of .mil. or .gov addresses.

The leaked files, which are vast at almost 10 gigs, are comprised of member account details and log-ins for at least 32 million users of the social networking site and much more, (see below.)

Josh Duggar ashley madison

“Ashley Madison is the most famous name in infidelity and married dating,” the site asserts on its homepage. Continue reading

After Macy’s DUMPS TRUMP Macy’s Customers DUMP MACY’S

Macy’s department stores thought they were doing the politically correct thing by dropping Donald Trump‘s clothing line, but now the retailer is paying a high price for the stunt. As a result of the Trump firing, it has been revealed that tens of thousands of their paying customers are literally firing Macy’s by cutting up their store credit cards.

Sources connected to the department store say Macy’s has received complaints from approximately 30,000 customers, many voicing their displeasure on the company Facebook page. Since ending its relationship with Trump nearly 2 weeks ago, many folks have vowed to never shop at the popular chain again.


The store has been “inundated with complaints” from customers who believe the department store is unfairly punishing Trump for his views on immigration. Continue reading

Pro Golfer Mugged In Hawaii During Golf Channel Event

Pro golfer Robert Allenby, was kidnapped near Waikiki while visiting a wine bar, then beaten and robbed. He sustained facial injuries in the attack, as seen in a photo he took of himself.

Allenby, 40, was in Hawaii participating in the Sony Open airing on the Golf Channel.


Reports are that he was kidnapped from a wine bar near Waikiki, and after the assault and robbery, was dropped off miles away in an unknown park. Continue reading

Wife Of MH17 Victim: Someone Using Dead Husband’s Credit Cards

Reine Dalziel, the wife of a Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 crash victim says she was stunned after noticing someone charging stuff on her dead husband’s credit cards.

Dalziel, whose spouse Cameron was lost in the tragedy says she had to cancel her husband’s credit cards upon noticing strange activity in his account.

Malaysian Airlines Flight 17 Instagram

A report said that the “heartless” rebels, who allegedly shot the plane down, had been using victims’ credit cards, answering their phones and looting their belongings, including jewellery, Continue reading

Teens Arrested After Renting $12 Million Home On Stolen Credit Card

Mohannad Halaweh and Nhimia Kahsay, both 19, were arrested after being pulled over in a $240,000 dayglo orange McLaren Supercar they had rented with a stolen credit card.

It was later revealed the couple had also rented a $12 million Sonoma County, CA., vacation home with the same piece of bogus plastic.

Rohnert Park Nhimia Kahsay

An investigation revealed that the pair had a fraudulently obtained credit card, which they used to book the stolen sports car and pay $27,000 to rent a $12 million property in Glen Ellen earlier in the week. Continue reading

Is This The Man Responsible For The TARGET BREACH?

Authorities in Texas have arrested a man whom they believe may be connected to the national Target data breach late last year.

Guo Xing Chen

Guo Xing Chen, 40, was arrested over the $70 million Target credit card breach that went down in December 2013.

Police say on Dec. 12, Chen used a stolen credit or debit card to purchase several gift cards at a Target store at 1021 West University Avenue in Georgetown and at another Target store in Round Rock.

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UPDATE: PayPal Exec Fired Over Late Night Tweets

Rakesh Rocky Agrawal twitter 1UPDATE: Paypal fired the dude! “Rakesh Agrawal is no longer with the company,” PayPal said in a tweet on Saturday. “Treat everyone with respect. No excuses. PayPal has zero tolerance.”

Less than two months into his gig as VP of PayPal,  Rakesh “Rocky” Agrawal took to Twitter, firing off a series of profane and insulting Tweets.. Seemingly directed at some of his new fellow employees. His tweets started at about 1 AM and continued thought the night and contained numerous spelling errors.. source

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