NBA Star Rex Chapman Arrested Shoplifting $14K From Apple Store

It’s safe to say that Former star NBA guard Rex Chapman has gone through his vast NBA fortune after he was arrested for shoplifting $14,000 of merchandise from an Apple store in Scottsdale.

Chapman later sold the items at a local pawn shop.

Rex Chapman 4

Chapman, 46, was taken into custody Friday afternoon after officers stopped his vehicle in northeast Scottsdale. Continue reading

Man Charged With Murder Seeks To Hide MURDER Tattoo Before Trial

A Kansas man, with a huge tattoo on his neck that spells out murder, is seeking permission to hide or remove the tat when he goes to trial for first-degree murder.. So we take it he pled innocent? Go figure!

Jeffrey Chapman murder tattoo

The man said he is afraid the tattoo might prejudice a jury, so he is asking for a professional tattoo artist to remove or cover it up.

Prosecutors say they aren’t opposed to Jeffrey Chapman covering his tattoo, but Barton County’s sheriff says he’s against transporting Chapman to a licensed tattoo facility — the only places tattoo artists are allowed to practice under Kansas law.

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