Kate Middleton Publically BALD SPOT SHAMES William

bald spot joke_kate-middleton-prince-william-article

Hey Kate! It’s all fun and games until somebody’s feelings get hurt! So we gotta ask, has Middleton gotten a little too big for her married-into britches?

William laughed it off, but he was blushing in embarrassment.. after the Royal lottery winner publically bald spot shamed him, even suggesting the PRINCE – wear an animal on his head.

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Prince George AIR SWIMS In Effort To Get Back To Mama Kate

Air swiming! A brand new sport invented by, none-other-than, Prince George!

prince george air swimming

“Mummy, come back!” When Kate Middleton handed Prince George to Prince William today, the younger prince took it as an opportunity to show us just how wiggly he is.

Perhaps George thought he could flap his way back to his mother, as Kate turned her attention away from him momentarily to greet the VIPs who came to Sydney Airport to meet them.

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Why Did PIPPA Give William And Kate THIS WEIRD Baby Gift?

File this gift under, it’s the thought that counts. Pippa Middleton is responsible for giving William and Kate this interesting pair of baby hands and feet cast out of solid silver as a christening gift honoring her new nephew, Prince George.

Some are calling the gift unusual gift while others are calling it plain creepy!

Pippa unusual christening gift to baby George

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Did Kate And William Name Baby After GEORGE ZIMMERMAN? Ask ABCNEWS!

Opps! The webmater over at ABCNEWS.com might want to change how the pictures are laying out on the website because by the looks of it, the royals just named their baby after, none-other-than, George, ZIMMERMAN! If you don’t believe me, just looks how awkwardly happy the real George Zimmer looked (in this ABCNEWS screen-grab,) shortly after hearing the news of his new namesake!